Celebration – A true art to happiness.

Hi, Y’all!

Celebrating my new blog which is a work in progress. Adding, deleting and placing widgets is all happening at my end. I am going well as a blog artist improving my learning curve with each passing day.

Amidst all this – as I am planning a trip to celebrate Birthday of someone very important; the clockwork got me into a chain of thoughts about celebration. An art to express the exhilaration and excitement of your heart, to explicitly enjoy and live in that special moment of achievement, to show deepest tender love and care for someone mounts to the celebration.

Celebration brings laughter, joyous hearts, togetherness, sharing, bonding, loving, feeling; Unraveling the key to be free allowing the kindred spirit to feel Happiness in that moment, at that place,  with many you cherish.

What do we celebrate? “An Occasion.” Is is that what we celebrate? I feel that occasions are just the reasons to evoke the need for expressing and creating an environment which becomes the artists (everyone joining the occasion) canvas to emote out the free self, allowing ¬†palettes of feelings to color the environment making it, “The Moments to treasure.”

Celebrating is an art in acquaintance with the colors of the moment which we all like to cherish as beautiful memories, isn’t it? Memories of celebrations are unforgettable. Seamlessly, we weave through the beautiful picturesque of moments celebrated; Creating many more splendid togetherness and sharings in future or when we like. Creating new things itself is expressing and these memories become our experience.

Let’s experience our expression celebrating self!

Making an effort to reach out to the space of art, the celebrations I found is a refreshingly artistic way of knitting hearts in sync to feel the pulse of excitement, being just there!

I am off; Celebrating an important event. Chao!

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